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Online Consultation


We work with ANY behavioral problem or health problem.


The online consultation is a session with Amalia that aims to help people who face various behavioral or health problems of their animals. Consultation is about: pet phycology and holistic treatment.


Flower therapy is a category of Homeopathy.

The idea behind Bach flower treatments is similar to homeopathy.

But they use fewer materials and do not work directly on physical symptoms, but rather on emotions.

Bach believed that healing negative emotions helped the body heal. In flower therapy we do not treat the symptom eg; fear, aggression, but THE CAUSE behind the symptom. The combinations are many and often complex. The purpose is to heal the mind in order to heal the body.


Effect of Flower Therapy

- Effect on gastrointestinal and dental symptoms
- Effect of flower therapy on the symptoms of the respiratory system,

eyes, ear, nose and throat
- In skin conditions
-Effect on the nervous system
- Effect of flower therapy on the symptoms of the cardiovascular system
- Effect of flower treatment on genital symptoms

- Urinary and reproductive system
- Effect of flower therapy on the symptoms of the skeletal system
- In general physical symptoms
- In psychological symptoms

- Ideal for animals with Cancer



We do an online session and I get the animal's history.

That is, how does he came to you, how he/she lives, what he/she eats, how he/she behaves, how he/she sleeps, A fairly large questionnaire. After this is done 1 day later I will send to you via email a personalized Bach Remedies Mix for your pet.


​You can order this mixture from a homeopathic pharmacy.

If your pet is taking medication, there is no problem with our treatment.

Our treatment does not and is not affected by medication.


The session costs 79e . And it is 1 time.

After a month of treatment you can book a new session to discuss how our treatment went. 

The repetition session is not mandatory, it has to do with what the pet parent wants.


​Our session is done via Skype, Whats App, Viber

The payment is made and then we book our session.

​Payment is made by deposit in a bank account

Dutch or via Paypal. in the

ABN AMRO bank, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

IBAN: NL20ABNA0475873858


AM Pavlidou

Amalia Maria Pavlidou


As soon as it is done, you inform us and we can schedule our session.


What happens after we do our session?

After the session you will receive a PATIENT FORM.


ALWAYS inform the veterinarian who knows  your pet about our treatment.

Please notice: Amalia does not do any kind of DIAGNOSIS.

You must always have the diagnosis of your veterinarian.​​​​​

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