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Online Pet Nutrition Consultation

pet nutrition

Affordable, healthy and balanced to meet your pet's special needs. Proper nutrition will help your pet whether or not they have a health problem. It can nourish and heal the body. Tailored to your pet's needs, each diet is specifically tailored to the individual profile of your dog or cat, horse, rabbit, bird, fish or rodent.

Each organism is different. Whether young and strong, older, or suffering from a range of medical conditions, your pet's nutritional needs vary. Different stages of life and medical conditions may require you to change some minerals or nutrients in your pet's diet.


I will develop a personalized nutrition plan for your pet. You will be asked to provide information about the animal, such as age, basic medical history and current medications, character traits and eating habits. I'll use this information to compose a personalized homemade recipe that best suits your pet's current conditions. Please note that the diet plan will be sent to you within 5 business days.

Proper nutrition not only helps a sick body, but also builds a strong immune system and helps the body not get sick.

Homemade food is very useful for an animal suffering from a difficult situation, such as obesity, cancer, allergies, diabetes and more. A customized feeding schedule can meet your pet's specific needs. Remember that any changes to your home diet should be done under the advice and supervision of your veterinarian.


What will you get?

I will send you a personalized homemade recipe plan for your pet. This will include the recipe along with any dietary supplement suggestions. So I will be available to answer any questions you may have about your pet's health and new diet.

*we have a limit of 2 follow-up emails.


What is the process?

Payment of your session 79euros via bank here or via Paypal.

After making the payment, send an email and fill out the questionnaire.

In 5 working days you will receive all the information for the correct nutrition plan of your pet.

Why Amalia?

Personalized pet nutrition meal for Dogs and Cats.

Amalia holds a Diploma in Veterinary Nutrition

You can work online from everywhere in the comfort of your own home

Amalia has more than 5000 happy clients

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